Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Meteor MMS, Data and Bluetooth tethering to work on an IPhone 2g

Getting my iphone to work properly on Meteor has turned out to be a huge pain in the behind. When i first received the iphone (about 18 months ago), i spent a good 2-3 hours trying everything from editing config files, rebooting the phone, etc. etc. to try and get it to talk to the meteor MMS and data servers. Eventually I did get the data working, only to be stung by meteors really expensive pay-as-you-go data plan at the time: 99c a day for a few megabytes. So I disabled EDGE with bossprefs and gave up....

However, a few things have changed lately that made me give it another go. First off, meteor announced a new PAYG package: Free meteor-meteor texts as well as 250mb data a month. 250mb is pretty poor, but for random browsing and push email, it should hopefully be adequate. Secondly, getting it to work on your iphone 2g has become alot easier on a iphone OS 3.1.2: No SSHing SCPing or editing config files is needed. So i decided to give it a shot:

  1. Fire up Cydia and go to "Manage->Sources->Edit->Add" and add this repository: hxxp:// (replace the "xx" with "tt").
  2. Click on "Done" and click on the iphonemod repository
  3. Install "iPhone 2G: Tethering, MMS, bluetooth profile"
  4. Restart your iphone
  5. Go back into Cydia and install the "Meteor Carrier Bundle"
  6. Exit Cydia, go into "Settings->Network->Cellular Data Network-> Reset Settings"
  7. Go to "network->settings->internet tethering" and click to enable it.
  8. Restart the iphone again.
MMS or Data still wouldnt work for me. However, after messing around for a while, I noticed that EDGE was still disabled in the app Bossprefs. So i enabled it and restarted the phone yet again. Finally, edge was working. When i connected the phone up to my MacBook by the usb cable, tethering was also working. However, MMS was not. That required another few steps:

  1. Go into "Settings->Messeges" and click on "MMS Messaging" to disable it.
  2. Go back into "Settings->Messeges" and click on "MMS Messaging" to enable it again
Woohoo, finally, MMS was working. You can test it out for yourself by sending yourself a picture message using the new camera icon in the message composer. Im not a fan of MMS tbh, 30cent a message is too spicy for my student pockets, but for drunken mates pictures or faking music festival wristbands (more on that later), it could prove useful.

Still to do:  Folks on T Mobile over in the Americas are reporting that they are able to get free data by changing their data APN address to a proxy compatible with the carrier network. I will have to try and see if this works on any of the irish carriers.

Stay frosty.

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